Cyber Training


Bespoke or “Off the shelf” training to suit your individual requirements.



A core service offering that we provide is Cyber Security Training.  Classes are regularly taught at the Nassau County Council on Aging, but custom training to suit your personal needs is available upon request.  Current topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Think Before You Click.  We’ll learn how to recognize email and texting fraud, as well as how to avoid online shopping scams.  We’ll discuss what to do in the event you become a victim.
  2. Protecting Your Mobile Device and Computer.  iPhone and Android operating systems must be kept up to date, and your computer software as well.  Learn how to do that and also how to install and use anti-virus software to keep scammers at bay. Is your device too old to maintain it safely?
  3. Everything About Passwords.  How do hackers crack your passwords?  What are the best password characteristics?  How frequently should I change my password?  Are there password managers to simplify things?  These questions and more will be answered.
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication.  Keeping critical accounts safe.  Add another layer of fraud protection highly recommended by the FBI.  Learn about the best tool to keep your bank account safe from scammers.
  5. Privacy and Social Media.  Are you oversharing and thus making life easier for identity thieves?  Are your facebook settings appropriate for your level of risk tolerance?
  6. Browsers and Search Engines.  Explains the differences in browsers and search engines.  Optimize your browser extensions, privacy and security settings.
  7. Elder Fraud Scams.  What are the latest scams and how do you identify them?  Plenty of concrete examples so you don’t fall victim to criminals.