Cyber Tune-Up


A Cyber “Look Under The Hood” to discover and correct any serious security issues with all your devices.



This service will correct any serious problems you are experiencing and identify any additional challenges by evaluating:

  1. Hardware and mobile devices – are they still supported or should they be replaced?
  2. Software and operating systems – are they up to date?
  3. Browsers – are your settings and extensions secure?
  4. Home networks – are the security settings optimized?
  5. Anti Virus – is the service working across all devices as intended?
  6. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – functional evaluation.
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – functional evaluation.
  8. Password Managers – functional evaluation.
  9. Home Automation – troubleshooting and optimization.

Of course we might find additional security areas of concern and we’ll address those as they arise.